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by Snow
For fitbitca_bear
400 words.

Heh. I mean really, can you write less when you're dealing with those two?

Dreams that do come true can be as unsettling as those that don't.


Angelus didn’t like being hunted. He would have left the club, if he hadn’t been full. His veins sang with the blood of a pretty boy that had willingly given up his neck in a bathroom stall. Where Angelus was sure he still sat, forever sightless eyes focused on the ceiling above.

This was a new world. Nothing like what he had left behind when the gypsies took away his life. Nothing like when he’d been around for that brief time in SunnyHell. This was free drinks and casual sex and men that seemed to ... like him. No matter what he did or how he acted. As well they should. This street and this club, it was some kind of vampire heaven.

No. He wasn’t going to leave voluntarily. But … he didn’t like feeling as if he were prey. And the tall one that stood up in the rafters, up on the iron work … the one whose hips didn’t move with the beat of the music, the one that hadn’t fucking took his eyes off of Angelus for the entire Goddamn night … that one was getting aggravating, annoying … interesting. Too interesting.

Beer spiced the taste of blood on Angelus’ tongue and he climbed the stairs slowly. Reveling in the bodies that brushed against him. The gropes from fingers and hands, the touch of heat, the flavors of sweat that soaked the air around him and made his cock rock hard under the leather of his pants.

Grey eyes appraised him and Angelus had to laugh as he walked closer. Not saying a word as he leaned in and took a deep breath, his mouth only inches from the hunter’s succulent long neck. So close to the hollow of his shoulder that if it had been quiet, if they had been alone, Angelus could have felt the beat of the other man’s heart vibrate over the sensitive tissue of his lips.

“Where have you been all my life?”

The man asked, his breath curling the tender, short hairs near Angelus’ ear. Each sensation sent a bolt of lightening down the vampire’s spine. Angelus hadn’t felt this … for a long, long time. He pulled back just enough to smile. To lick his lips and give a nod to the fates that usually didn’t tip him with such a perfect hand.

“In the shadows of a nightmare.”

*snuggles with you*

Tags: angelus, angelus/brian, ats, drabble, ficlet, qaf

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