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Dude. I live on the edge.


Phone! I have phone! but, yeah, I have to charge it for 8!!! hours before I can activate it. And video! *squeeee* And streaming audio/video. Does this mean I can dl all of Luminosity's vids to my phone? And watch them at work? Not that I would, you know, do that. Heh.


7 more hours to go.

I just finished watching QaF s1. Gah. And I've fallen in love with those men all over again. And wrote. Stuff.


The Prom

by Snow
G (??!!)
QaF/Ats crossover
for this week's slashthedrabble challenge, *decision*. Because you know Brian blamed himself and wouldn't it have been soooo very nice if Angel had been there? Helping him get over the self~pity?
300 Words

It was the smell of blood that drew him. Sliding through the night air over Angel’s tongue. Recently spilled human blood. The demon inside collated the information and stirred with interest while Angel’s soul felt the pain that emanated from the man that stood in front of him. Tears on his cheeks, the muscles of his jaw clenched. His lips tight and thin. Light brown eyes flickered over Angel and moved on, as if he wasn’t there at all.

There was a stain on the man’s neck, on his shirtfront, on his hands and no open wounds. But Angel already knew that what he smelled didn’t belong. The blood was younger, fresher, and a little more innocent perhaps. The only part shared was that it, the man and Angel were all XY chromosomes.

“What happened?”

Angel whispered and watched as the stranger leaned against the brick of the hospital and lit a cigarette. The smoke floated up from his lips white as clouds in the sky on a sunny day. This was none of that. It was pre-dawn, it was dark and they stood alone outside of a building filled with death and birth and hope and loss and fear.

The man finally focused on Angel, his eyes finally looking and seeing and acknowledging. In them, Angel saw the haze of time wasted denying reality. Perhaps spent in the room of the one whose blood this man wore without washing, without caring. There, Angel saw an endless replay of violence. The faint shimmer of inconceivable, unimaginable horror and under everything … Angel saw what even this man didn’t or wouldn’t. He saw the love.

The man’s head shook. His fingers trembled. His lips parted and his voice cut the space between them like a knife.

“I made the wrong decision.”

*smooches you all up*
Tags: angel, ats, brian, ficlet, qaf
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