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Fun stuff, baby!

Lori's ex~bf finally gave me his Nickelback CD to rip. Finally. *sheesh* Of course, it's only because he wanted to rip my Candlebox CD.

*la la*

itsabigrock tagged me for the 'Explain your LiveJournal name and its meaning. When you're done, tag as many people as there are letters in your name.' Whooot! and Ack! That's 14 people!

Most of you already know this, but for those three two that one that doesn't ... SweptAwayBayou is my favorite 30 Odd Foot of Grunts song. Yes. It is bouncy and fun and yeah. Like this ...

I wandered wonder's wasteland alone.
I looked hard and I couldn't find,
One thing most on my mind.
Same thing, time after time was you.
I wondered about you.

Said I looked but I couldn't see,
the little things God put in front of me.
Saw the trees and the leaves and the water,
but not the wood.
I couldn't see you.

I couldn't see that light shining in your eyes.
Crossing all the lines of my disguise.
I couldn't run from you 'til you helped me hide.
Didn't see you coming, swept out by the tide.
That's you,

swept away by you.

SweptAwayBayou (Facing the Headlights Alone) Cochran/Crowe

Hmmmmm ... I'm thinking that _tayler did a very, very good job with my birthday!present LJ header. Don't you?


I decorated three billion cakes today, some orders, most back up for our cake case in preparation for the first graduation weekend. (Lord, give me strength) Asst. Store Mgr. LeeAnn has been officially named our Store Manager. I know her and I like her, but I will forever miss S.M. Dave. Speaking of ...

tesla321 wrote the first part of the Bakery!Slash Wedding!!! I got it in email this morning and haven't laughed that hard before 4 am for a very, very long time. I do adore her, so very much.

How're you doing? How was your day?

I'm craving some hot!boy!slash!porn right now. I think I'll go write something.

Happy Thursday to everyone!


ETA! ooops! I forgot to tag anyone! Okay!

I tag ... tabaqui, lady_t_220, _tayler, jstabe, mattymattymatty, 0nlymemories, lynnenne, lettered, wyomingnot, ladyoneneill, lost_akasha, hurry_sundown, stoney321, elcazavampiros.


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