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May 7th ...

I just watched such a fun movie! Prom Queen with Aaron Ashmore. The story of a young man in Canada who wanted to take his partner (bf) to the prom. He attended a Catholic high school and ended up having to go to court to be able to fulfill his dream.

Good show.

And all through it ... sixteen_letters and I are sitting there saying That is Bobby! That is Iceman!!


Turns out Shawn Ashmore has a twinner. Who knew? And no. Really. I'm not invisioning rps with Hugh and Shawn and Aaron on the back lot of X3. Really. *coughs*

Lisa and I went to see 'Silent Hill' last night. Not bad. A little too gory for me, there were parts that, yes ... I closed my eyes. A lot of parts. But the storyline was enough to keep me interested and the effects were very well done. And Sean Bean? What's not to like?


I'm heading out to tabaqui's house tomorrow. Right after dropping the kidlets off at school. Yay!!! She's promised me Deadwood s2 and the Supernatural season finale and pancakes Tuesday morning. I'm very happy. And it will be wonderful to see Monstrous and pretties_4u again, as always.


But I cannot let today pass by without saying Happy Birthday to sockkpuppett. Lum? You rock my world. Every day. Your mind amazes me and your wit astounds me. Your kindness is legendary and your warmth is incomparable. I adore you and I always will. I wish you nothing but the best. Forever.


Wheeee!! I get two days off! Together! With road trip and loud music and much, much laughter!!

I win!

**twirls you 'til you squeal**
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