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I am officially creeped out.

I had to call a customer about a cake order this morning. When she came in to order it, apparently all she knew was the size and what day she wanted it.

No flavor choice.

No icing choice.

And the person that took the order wrote down that the customer would call back with the above information and what she wanted written on the cake. heh.

Well. Today is the day and she hadn't called yet. So I call her. And she's whispering, because, you know, it's a surprise. Great. I get that. No big deal.

After determining the flavor (white) and the icing choice (decorator), she tells me that they want 'Happy 29th Birthday, JR' on the cake. Which caused another long conversation about Do you want Junior or JR ... but happily, it didn't take forever to decide that.


But is that all? Oh, no. Of course not. Under the edible image that they haven't brought in the picture for us to scan yet ... she wants us to write 'We miss you'.

So. For a 1/2 a second, I'm thinking that this guy Junior is in the service or something. Not a stretch, this is a military town, you know.

For a 1/2 a second.

Until she says, still whispering, because it is a SURPRISE ...

"He passed away."


So we're making this SURPRISE BIRTHDAY CAKE for someone that is DEAD?

That's almost as good as the Happy Birthday, Jesus cakes we get to make on Christmas Eve. Except, you know, those are not surprise cakes. I think Jesus expects those cakes, dammit! I do!


Everyone was depressed this morning. We will all miss Store Manager Dave. He was the second best boss I've ever worked for, always helped, never went crazy and even when he was pissed off about something? He was always approachable. Thank you for the hugs last night on my post. I needed them.

*hugs you all right back*


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