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Find Your Faith

Find Your Faith
by Snow

For tabaqui's birthday and ...
She wanted the impossible, of course

James/David/Jason, with a cameo by Vincent

Here you go, babe

Absolutely nothing but pure porn
Not mine
No harm


There was never that single moment of clarity that he’d read about in books or scripts. There was never a second to take a breath or think a coherent thought. To decide yes or no. To do anything but roll with them, mouths and cocks and hands and fingers and tongues. Legs and arms and strong, curved thighs and come and sweat.

It might’ve started innocently enough. It might've, if it hadn’t have been David calling him and asking …

"Come over for a beer."

James hung up his phone and pulled on a T-shirt. He grabbed his smokes and his keys and drove over with the windows down and the pounding beat of bass following him through the crisp, cool spring air.

David met him at the door in jeans that were already open and no shirt. He hugged him like he hadn’t seen James for a year and pressed a cold bottle of beer in his hand and took him through the too clean and too perfect living room to the back of the house. David smelled like pot and cigarettes and his smile was far too wide. Alligator. Crocodile.

Eat you up, baby.

Jason was sprawled over the big leather Laz-E-Boy, his hair in his eyes. He nodded to James, flashed his million-dollar grin and took a pull off the joint held loosely in his fingers. Some football game on the sixty-four inch and Jethro Tull played in the sound system.

Jaime’s famous nachos decorated the coffee table; hot, spiced cheese and chips. Already a twelve-pack of beer gone and James tilted the bottle in his fingers back, feeling the need to catch up. He didn’t ask if they were alone. David’s red-rimmed, dark eyes answered that question without spoken words.

James watched as he plucked the joint from Jason’s fingers and inhaled so hard the cherry glowed bright in the curtain-pulled gloom of his rec room. Pillows were scattered across the floor, the controls to the Play Station pulled out, CDs and DVDs in random stacks.

“Lost weekend?” James asked and David nodded, tilting his head at Jason. A smile curving his lips that James recognized from a long time ago. From forever ago.

“Jason doesn’t believe in God, James.”

“That is a shame.” James drank more of his beer and stood behind the big chair that Jason lolled in. David in front and Jason finally noticed that his view of the television was blocked.

He glanced up at both of them and James watched as Jason took in the situtation slowly. James returned his gaze to David, his second beer buzzing through him. No food since yesterday, it was easy to let the alcohol take over, take control.

“God is a myth. A story told to children to keep them in their beds at night.” Jason said as he straightened up in the deep chair. He reached forward and popped the last buttons that held David’s pants up around his thighs.

“This is all the heaven I’ll ever need.”

Jason’s lips sealed around David’s cock as he sucked him into his mouth. James moved around the chair slowly, letting the heat build inside him as he watched David’s back arch. He stepped behind David and reached around, sliding his hand in Jason’s hair and tangling his fingers there. He pulled until he felt Jason's jaw and throat and the small jerks as he choked on the length of David's hard cock.

“Let’s show this boy God, David.”

He pulled them both back until all three ended up on the floor in the pillows.

David stripped Jason and left him on his back, tilting his head back to kiss James. He reached for a baggie of white powder and a razor blade, a rolled up fifty-dollar bill. He drew sharp lines of cocaine on the tight skin just inside Jason’s hips and inhaled them, sharing with James until they were both glittering and blood danced in their veins. David licked the residue off of Jason and before James knew it they were all completely naked and he was fucking into the clenching burn of David's ass, Jason’s heels up over David’s shoulders and he drove David deeper and deeper, harder and harder.

The room spun around him, the CD played on and on. A warm, wet mouth and tongue, the scrape of teeth in the cleft of his ass and James glanced back to see Vincent on his knees, a sleepy smile on his face as he blinked and laughed.

“I am never taking another nap in your bed, Dave. Just look what I might have missed …”

And there was never a moment that James would’ve said no. There was never a second that he would’ve stepped away. There was not a moment that he regretted.

Skin and hands. Legs and fingers. Arms reaching, sweat mingling. Tongues and mouths.

Everyone got fucked and everyone fucked. And the feel of Vincent’s tight ass riding his cock, his thighs close to James’ hips as they both watched Jason bend David over that big chair and fuck David as Jason screamed

… I believe, I believe …

and the sight of that would stay with him forever.

Sometimes The Spirit worked in mysterious ways. And sometimes, it was good just to be able to find your faith.


Happy Birthday, Tabi. The world is a much more beautiful and wonderful and incredible place with you in it.

Tags: david/jason/james/vincent, fic

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