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*insert MAJOR squeee here*

I just got home from work.

I just sat down.

I just finished an IM conversation with chrisjournal about a seminar that I get to organize for writercon!!!! And yes, if you are one of the people I've emailed over the past few months to be on the panel and participate in the discussions? That's the one I'm talking about.

We are official, baby!

*does a little dance*

*makes a little love*

*gets down tonight this afternoon*


Writing Fiction with Familiar Faces *whisperswhispers* RPS, dude. R.freaking.P.S.

will be Saturday, July 23. 12:30 to 1:50 pm.

I will be contacting a couple more people, and re~initiating contact with those of you I've already spoken with about this. Getting things lined up and getting ready.

But right now?

I am all a'squeee with joy.

*twirls everyone 'til they're dizzy*

Just FYI? That new Coke Blak? Is CRACK. I don't think I'll ever fall asleep or sit still again. Pure sugar/caffeine rush.


<3's you
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