Snow (sweptawaybayou) wrote,

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Tired. . .so tired


Had a loonnnngggg day yesterday. Took some friends to the Plaza. That was nice. They are from Korea and it's always fun to take them places. Everything is so different here, than where they live. My friend's wife told me that she felt silly, but sometimes she wanted to take pictures of houses. Just because they look so *strange* to her. I told her that was okay. I know that when/if I ever go to see them in Korea, I would probably be taking pics of houses, apartments, streets, just everything!

But other than that, not much to say.
Working on my Angelfic Challenge. Finally. When I'm done, I will need a beta. . .please? *begs*

Don't worry, I'll be asking/whining/begging again soon. . .
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