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Real Life.

LJ Life.

How they do collide ...

I've never been one to have lots of close friends. I have, in my life before the internet, had four what I would call, Very Close Friends. People that I could tell anything to. People that I could share my deepest secrets with. People that didn't care if I ended every sentence with a preposition. And then I discovered this place.


I have friends that every single day make me think and laugh and swoon. Friends that inspire me, that make me cry, that share their families and their work and their aspirations and their dreams. I have friends that move me with words, friends that move me with pictures. Friends all over the world and I am in awe of all of you.

And then?

There are the friends on LJ that become real life friends. Whether I've met them in person, or not. There are the friends that I have their home phone numbers programmed into my cell phone and even if I never call them? I know I can. There are the friends that send me gifts when I'm blue. Friends that text me randomly. Friends that call me and leave long, rambling messages. Friends that write me a story and friends that email me pictures ... just for the hell of it. Friends that I can go visit and feel welcome in their home. Friends that I can fall asleep on their couch and they just cover me up and DON'T TAKE PICTURES *ahem*.


And then there are friends that have stolen my heart.

I met ely_jan sometime in December, 2004. She created a lj and friended me. Then she joined the_shag_pile and started playing with her character, woodward_ho. I read a few of her threads with others and enjoyed them, but it never crossed my mind to tag with her. Our characters were so different. Her Jon is funny and smart and witty. He runs and plays and does unimaginable things with jello and jam and cast iron skillets. He laughs and dances in the woods around fires and loves with a freedom that amazes.

My character? Is not all those things. My character is dark and brooding. Serious as a heart attack and twice as likely to hurt someone. He's all sex and no talk. He does have a sense of humor, but you'd be lucky to find it. Or survive it.

But somehow, one day ... we decided to try a thread.

And it was good.

Over the past year and a few months, ely_jan and I have laughed and panted. We've talked when we're drunk and we've talked when we're sober. We've made each other hot and we've made each other cry. I've pissed her off more times than I can count and even when we weren't talking? It never crossed my mind to delete her name from my flist. Never once.

This woman has given me more consideration and kindness than I deserve.

She has given me more support and encouragement than I imagined was possible.

She makes me feel good when I'm tired and irritable. She makes me laugh when I feel like crying. She has hugged me both online and in real life. She never bores or teases or is hateful. She cries when she's hurt and her smile could stop traffic. She loves her family with a devotion I can only compare to my own love for my children and she always puts other people first. Always.

And today? Is her birthday.

Happy Birthday, ely_jan.

Thank you for being a part of my life.
Thank you for being who you are, all the time.
Thank you for everything.
You make this world a better place.

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