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Live Journal Police?

Who made "these" people the LJ Police?

Do they honestly think that blacklisting other users will make the internet a 'safer' place for our children?

I'm speaking here as a PARENT. Yes, I am one.

I have three kids. All of which are on the internet a lot.
And I trust them. Because I know them. Because I'm raising them. Alone, thank you very much.

And they all know that I write fic. And that I read fic. And that a lot of the fic I write/read is of adult nature. And you know what? They are not twisted because of this.

Only one of my kids is into fanfic. She's fourteen and writes quite a few X-Men stories. She's posted some of them at under the screen name Freezing Rain. And she's good. Getting better everyday. She reads some of my/your stuff, but generally only what I tell her about. She's not interested in porn. She's interested in stories. About people/characters that she cares about.
But even if she did/does read something of an 'adult nature', I wouldn't be concerned. In this day and age, with what she sees on TV, in magazines, newspapers. . .even Real Life (gasp) I'm not at all worried that a little PWP story about Logan and Jean or Angel and Everyone/Anyone is going to change WHO SHE IS.

I am more concerned that wanna be Nazi's like these people will restrict her creativity. Her exploration of life.

There a alot worse things in this world than reading/writing a little sex about fictional characters. Or even what we'd like to think of as Real Life People. We can use thier names, but hey, we don't *know* them. So it's basically the same thing.

Okay, rant finished. Feel free to comment and let me know just how far off/right on my views are with yours.

PS. Thanks to lady_t_220</lj> for the heads up on this.
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