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Oh. Right. Forgot to mention.

I met a real HERO last night. At the bar.

A Veitnam vet. A SgtMajor. One of my friend's knew him and asked him to join us. He was SO interesting. We finally got him talking and, my God. What a life this man has lead. At first he reminded me of that guy from Full Metal Jacket. The nutcase drill sgt. a thought for which I am ashamed now. By the time I really listened to him, really looked at him though, he changed. This is a man that has lived more life, seen more things, experienced *more* than anyone I've ever met. Anyone I probably will ever meet. And I was grateful to have met him. Talked to him. He was down. Because a friend of his, that he had served with, had just died. (of natural causes) and maybe he didn't *know* it, but he needed to talk. Even to us lowly civilians. And we thanked him.

Would like to talk to him again someday when I'm not toasted.
So I can remember everything about him. He is a real life Hero.
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