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Random Snapple Fact of the Day ...

The tallest man was 8'11".

He vould have an enormous Shwanstooker!


1,000,000,000,000 points at life if you know what movie that is from.

It's supposed to rain tonight, turn to ice by morning and get colder all day long.

I'm hoping for much ice, because the deli mgr? Will not drive to Topeka for the all day long shoot me now meeting, if the roads are bad. And then whatever will Miss Snow do with herself?

If you guessed write porn all day? You win! Again! Damn, you are on a roll!

I do have a question for you, oh mostintelligent flist ...

What is dark fic?

I will tell you what *I* think it is ... but I'm more interested in what you classify under that label.

Character death.



yes yes yes yes, but what about all the fics we've read where there is death and rape and torture in the warnings and they just turned out to be semi~erotic fluff?

Dark fic is ...

NOT EROTIC. Usually. *ahem*

Dark fic is painful to read. Dark fic is guilt and self-loathing. Dark fic is the good guy threatening the bad guy, getting what he wants and then killing the bad guy. Dead. Not half~way, but allthewaydead.

Dark fic is the bad guy killing the good guy first.

Dark fic is lovers parting.

Dark fic is crossing the boundaries of what you think someone would be scared to/hate to/ashamed to read and not caring.

Dark fic is no happy ending. For anyone. Ever.

Dark fic is beautiful and deceitful and flows through you. It infiltrates your mind and stays in your thoughts for days/weeks/months after. Want an example?

Small Illuminated Dying Things by glossing.

So ... in the wake of the just~passed pink and red hearts everywhere omg! holiday?

Indulge me.

*curls up under the blankets with you*
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