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Insane Little Animals

How come, it seems, the smaller the dog. . .the weirder it is?

I have, no, MY DAUGHTER has a tiny little black pomeranian. That is clearly, completely insane.

Every day. Every single day she attacks the door when the mailman arrives. We have a mostly glass front door that affords her this perfect view of the poor man. I have a very abused curtain that hangs, or trys to, over said door. But it is not opaque. So when he gets on the porch to put the mail in the mail box, that little bit of fury runs to the door, barking wildly as if he were some escapee from a nearby prison. . .and twists herself up in the curtain. Barking. Barking. Barking. Really. You'd think that Satan himself was standing at my front door. With the hounds of Hell behind him.

Then she is stuck in the curtain. And has to be rescued.

Every day.

You'd really think that somewhere in her tiny, tiny, peasized brain she would realize that this man comes up on the porch every day. AND DOESN'T TRY TO GET IN THE HOUSE.

I guess I should appreciate her fierce guard dog instincts.

But generally I just try to not snap her neck as I, once again, untangle her from the offending curtain.
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