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Drabble #doh!

For killerweasel
Christian Kane/David Boreanaz
Chris and David right after a Kane concert.
100 words

Beads of sweat left stinging salt on David's face from a friendly hug. The energy that vibrated from Chris was almost visible, shimmering in the air around him. He stripped his soaked shirt off, they moved down the hall away from the stage. The crowd screamed behind, his last name echoed against concrete. The band passed them, plans made for later, empty bottles exchanged for full. Cigarettes lit under the big, red no-smoking sign.

David waited until he saw it.

The sharpening of blue, the dip of his head. That smile.

The dressing room door closed and locked behind them.

Tags: dave/chris, db/ck, drabble, drabbles, rps
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