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The herald and the weekend and your challenge of the day ...


I spent most of the weekend, when I was not at work, in bed. I have the most horrid headcold evah! and couldn't figure out what medicine I could take, until talking to the pharmicist at the store. HBP is a bitch, dude. I need to lose about 40 lbs, start walking again. Get back to where I was before the 'net took over my life.

I still owe a few drabbles and a fic. They are coming along, have no fear. If Angel would only stop angsting long enough to jerk off! *ahem*

As for my participation with su_herald? I've spent mucho time thinking about this ... issue with fic being rec'd that some might find, well, substandard to say the least. I've tried to stay neutral, but I do have my own opinions.

First? I'm not going to screen the WIPs updates. Dude. There are not enough hours in a day, even if I didn't have a job and a family, to keep up with all the WIP's and make sure they meet whatever standards I hold stories up to. I generally DON'T read WIPs anyhow. Unless they are written by, say, entrenous88 or tabaqui. And then they are usually Spander and I'm only there for the writing. Not the pairing. Sorry.

Second? I will only be linking to fics that I have read. Fics that I consider worth your time. No matter how many links I get in the comments to ones where Spike is sired by Angel, or Xander wears a dress, or a chipped!Spike is the initiative's pet/love slave/personal toy, or James cries as David fucks him because omg!itissoperfect!!111!!! Unless stoney321 writes it. Sorry.

Third? I'm adding a Ficlet/Drabble part to my entries, because I have read quite a few drabbles and ficlets (under 1,000 words) that are quality, that are perfect characterization, that are too short to be called Fics, but too good to be passed by. *looks pointedly at viciouswishes*

As a challenge to my flist and any lurkers out there?

REC ME FIC!!!!!!!!!

But? You must tell me why I should add this link to my posts at the Herald. Ahhh yes, there is a catch.

Tell me ... perfect characterization? Killer plot? Missing Ep? Sex so hot it burned out your retinas? A pairing you would have never thought of and/or considered reading, but when you did, you had to share it?

or ...




Okay. There you go. I post Wed/Thurs. While gwyddfid is on break? Mon-Thurs. This is your assignment. This is your challenge.

Go to it.

**safe internet smooches**

Have a wonderful day!

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