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Happy Birthday to ...

the person that led me to Live Journal, this wonderful world of ours.

The person that, even with our age differences, I consider one of my closest friends and confidantes.

The person that introduced me to stir_of_echoes, who, despite her diving into Smallville fandom, will always be my go-to girl for Angel and Spike, David and James first love. My seperated-at-birth twin and one of my bestests friends.

The person that waaaaaaaay back in the stone age, I would exchange posts with at Wolverine X-Fiction.

She writes the most delectible, mind~blowing, iwannawritelikethatsomeday sex. She makes the characters come alive. So much so, that you tend to glance over your shoulder while reading her fic ... just to make sure no one is actually there. She respects her fandom and is the most loyal Hugh!lover I know. She has never once swayed from worshiping the ground he walks upon.

I'd like to think I influenced her to write RPS ... but I know that is not true. She simply found another outlet to express her love and we have the joy of reaping the benefits every.single.time.she.writes.

Don't believe me?

Try this ...

Body of Work Logan/Jean. AU. In the world there are two kinds of tragedies.
One is not getting what one wants. The other is getting it. - Oscar Wilde.

The Gods Hate Kansas Logan/Jean. Stuck in Kansas during some bad weather. Sweaty. Hot. Incredible.

Paris Van Helsing. Sex. Long Hair. Sex. Leather. Sex. Enough said.

The Closest Thing to Crazy Hugh ... Boy From Oz RPS. Ooooooooh yes.

Happy Birthday lady_t_220!!!

I adore you.

And someday? Perhaps before we're both old crotchety ladies ... I will be able to buy a ticket and fly over the ocean and give you this *hug* in person.

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