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My Angel


I'm very easy going. I try to get along with everyone ... mostly. I never pick fights and I'd rather turn the other cheek than argue over something that means nothing when it comes to real life.

I don't defriend without tears and I never ignore anyone unless they simply piss. me. off.

But just so you know?

My Angel is not a robot.

My Angel is not an emotionless caricature to be made fun of.

My Angel is warm and caring. My Angel has sleepless nights and endless days. My Angel hurts when his friends do and my Angel still dreams about Darla. My Angel may snark with Spike, but who is the first one he turns to when he needs help? My Angel will never forgive Wes for taking his child, but my Angel will always consider Wesley his brother, his friend, his confidant.

My Angel may seem expressionless, but my Angel is simply watching you. Undressing you with his eyes. My Angel will stalk you down alleys and my Angel will find you. My Angel suffers for his sins and my Angel seeks out the light even when he is battered and bruised.

My Angel will always love Buffy and my Angel will care for Faith until the last moment of his long life. My Angel will survive whatever evil Wolfram and Hart calls down on him and my Angel will make Lindsey his boy. His pet. His lover. My Angel will never back down from a fight and my Angel will take on the Armies of the Undead for you and for you alone.

My Angel will go to another dimension on a whim and my Angel will save the damsel in distress. My Angel will falter and my Angel will suffer. My Angel will lie and cheat and steal, if he thinks that it will help the ones that he loves.

My Angel will comfort you and hold you and my Angel will take you into his heart and into his home and my Angel will protect you ... against his own family ... if he believes that you are right.

My Angel is sensual and sexy. My Angel is a father in every meaning of the word. My Angel is not perfect, but my Angel is a hero. A Champion. My Angel lives for the moment and my Angel would give up everything he has in a second, he would die for you.

My Angel does not know what it means to quit. My Angel knows how to laugh, his smile can light up a room. My Angel knows how to make love, he knows how to fuck. He knows how to make the earth move beneath your feet. My Angel knows how to kiss and, more importantly, he knows when to stop. My Angel can make magic happen and he trusts that it always will.

My Angel is a man and a vampire. He has a soul and he is a lover and a fighter.

My Angel is.

I miss my our show.

A lot.

*hugs you*
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