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Subject? Has nothing to do with anything. I just wanted to write *Waffles!*



This is driving me insane! I have to remember which journal I commented in and then go back to see what that person had to say and then go to another one and do the same and and and ... *flails*

Also? IWANTMYCOMPUTERBACK!!!!1111!! I hate this! No music! No DVD's! No chatting! And of course, since I can't write and save ... I've got ALL these brilliant ideas. Brilliant, I tell you. Which, when I do get my cpu returned? I will have forgotten, or lost interest in ... or something. Maybe. Heh.

And for the really, truly, scary part of today?

I was thinking.

I know, I know. I should NEVER do that. I should stick to the smut and leave the big, meaningful words to other people, because I can not express my thoughts in a coherent way. But! I'm going to try. k? Indulge me here.

I was listening to Nickleback's new song on the way back to work after lunch. Can't remember the name, but it was about driving in a fast car and his girl was all over him. Blowing in his ear and groping his *gears* and, you know, stuff like that ... and I thought about writing a short fic where *someone* and *someone* were in a car and the driver was being mauled by the passenger .... and this lead to ...

I was thinking about writing/reading slash and how, usually, one of the male characters is feminized. Not a lot, not like, fey (?), but ... somewhat. And who do *I* feminize? Who can be feminized realistically?

Angel? No. Not in my mind. Not at all. Not even once.

Spike? Hmmmm, not really. Even though he is *smaller*, he is still an extremely powerful character and to keep it from going completely OOC or AU, he can't be.

Lindsey? Somewhat. Although he has a temper that can burn down houses with a glance, the boy couldn't top Angel or Spike if he tried.

David? Nooooooo. Bottom? Sure, if it's done well (see The Sugar!verse by Abbie or anything written by Kita or Gloss) but feminine? No. No. No.

James? Mmmmmm, perhaps. He's got the seductive smile. I can see him using that and so much more.

Chris? Not hardly. The man is walking testosterone.

Jason? Absolutely. He is sensuality. I can see him sliding and writhing and grinding against a pole like the best of the female strippers if it means he gets what he wants ...

So? Am I alone here? Am I completely off base? Does anyone else ever have these thoughts? Am I insane? And does this have anything to do with what makes a well-written, believable story? And are the best done with two completely non-feminized characters? Or are the best with one masculine and one feminine? Even if it is in small ways?

Humor me.


*squishes you with love*

ETA ~ When I'm talking about *feminization* ... I'm NOT talking about boys wearing dresses, perfume and makeup, k? I'm talking about characters that have been given, through the authors of the story ... characteristics that are not generally thought of as male. Perhaps it is a bit more emotion? Perhaps it is being a bit more in tune with what they want. Or talking when, and we all know this, when the *normal* kind of guy wouldn't say a word. Does that help? Does that make more sense?


I need to go back to school, obviously.

**toddles off**
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