Snow (sweptawaybayou) wrote,

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Ahhh. Home from work. Inventory again.

And it's cold outside. Really cold. Brrrr cold.

And everything is covered in ice.

It took me 30 mins to drive home, when it usually takes about 10. That's just how icy it is. No snow. Just ice. Gotta love Kansas.

But, I'm ever so glad I bought chains last time. So Snow was not stuck out in the parking lot in her very-non-drivable-in-any-kind-of-inclement-weather car!! Yea!
And yes, all I've done since Friday . . . when I haven't been at work . . . is watch Angel. And I still have about 38 more hours of shows!! *squeal*

I'm so very happy.
Although it does tend to cut into any writing time. . . but I'm getting all kinds of new ideas! All Kinds. Really. Hmmmmmm
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