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Time's Up ~ DB/CK

Is it my turn again? Already?


Lies We Tell Ourselves : Time’s Up

By Snow
David Boreanaz/Christian Kane
Not Mine. Not Hers.
No Harm. No Foul.

Previous Parts by ely_jan and sweptawaybayou are here.

David lifted his head, gave in to the kiss. He met Chris’ force with gentleness, softened Chris’ biting teeth and bruising lips with his tongue, with the low moans that were pulled from his throat. The gruff sounds of need and lust that couldn’t be contained when he wanted to roar with the pleasure that Chris gave him with his mind and his hands and his mouth and his cock.

David wrapped his legs around Chris’ hips, slowed down the quick burn. Made Chris move with more deliberation, reaching back and digging his fingers into Chris’ shoulders, David kept their chests tight together. Gritting his teeth at the friction that rolled his hard, aching cock in the space between them, precome leaking out, slick and sticky. There was that hard jolt of painpleasurepain every fucking time Chris hit just that spot with the head of his cock and David’s hips would snap up, helpless to not.

The smell of Chris’ after-shave and sweat, musk and salt, filled David’s senses, blocked out the garage. The oil and gasoline and musty gloom, until the only reminder of where they were was the sound of the hood of his Mustang bending, being dented under David’s back and shoulders and ass. His heart beat in rhythm with Chris’, rush of blood past his ears and every time he opened his eyes, David was lost in the clear blue that stared back and he would reach up for another one of those kisses. Feel those lips melt against, fit against his, suck the heated spice of Chris’ tongue into his mouth and the hard click from their front teeth banging together.

Chris pushed one more perfect thrust, just a little to the left with a twist of his hips and David was coming. He didn’t feel the spatter of hot semen on his chest, didn’t feel it slip down in a slow stream to pool with the sweat that collected in the dented metal. David was too caught up in the way Chris’ cock felt as he clenched down around every inch, at the spasms that tightened the muscles in his thighs and calves and curled his toes. The pain of the cramp that lit a fire along his spine and the way he had to fight for the next breath, the way he couldn’t stop pulling Chris closer, deeper.

Desperate. David was filled with desperation and need and blind lust and … and … a love that scared him. Terrified him with the intensity. The way he’d rather spend evenings and weekends and vacations with Chris than with anyone else in his world. The way he fucking knew he could give everything, would give anything for him. How the initial attraction, the ‘aren’t we bad boys?’ fighting with and fucking each other over the years, when they could have been, should have been screwing every woman in their path made them feel like they could do no wrong, like they had a secret that gave them power and confidence and none of that mattered anymore.

Chris had become too important to David to play this game anymore. To continue pretending that they were just good buds, best friends. That meeting in bars after dark and ending up drunk in the parking lot, groping in the dark, boots scuffling in gravel and whispered curses was true passion. That drinking a beer together every other week, catching a game and blowing each other’s minds during half time, rolling around in whoever’s bed after was a normal, casual, sane friendship.

David brushed the hair back from Chris’ face when he could finally control the shudders that tripped through his body. When the craving had died down to a dull, never-ending ache and still, every single movement Chris made against him, every twitch of his cock, every thrust and pull, made David rise up off the hood. Made his breath hiss between his teeth, made the muscles around his jaw tick with tension.

David knew that the time had come for more between them. For talking and listening, for an actual conversation to see if their relationship could hold up to the truth, could stand up to the light. To find out if they could. He was tired of lying and hiding. Tired of the mindfuck they played with each other, the teasing and the pain. The pretending that there was no consequence to this, when everything they did affected the other and he was tired of the hurt he saw in Chris’ eyes, in his face when he wanted to see that smile. When he wanted to hear Chris laugh, to hear him moan, to hear him whisper out the emotions that no one else knew.

David licked up the side of Chris’ neck his fingers tangled in thick hair. His thumbs wiped the sweat back from Chris’ temples. His mouth was full of the taste of Chris, his body filled with Chris’ cock, his mind empty of everything but this moment, this right now. Blue eyes stared back at him, dilated and clear through lashes that were darkly clumped together, black lashes that looked wet.

“Would you take me home, Chris? To your bed?”

**big warm hugs to everyone**
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