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Icon Drabble #7

Cellar to Bedroom
For winterlive
100 words

“You left me with them. With her.”

“You wanted her. You wanted that.”

Cold fingers. Cold voice. Smoke in the air, hoarse whispers slipped over bare skin. Lindsey took the few inches that Angel gave him between mattress and body. Wrapped his legs around Angel’s waist and pulled him in deeper. A hard kiss, the taste of blood on Angel’s lips. His blood. Warm copper and iron. His fingers digging into Angel’s arms, shoulders. Into solid muscle, into steel and ice. The Hyperion was silent around them, they were alone. Even together, they were always alone.

“I wanted you, Angel."

*searches for more distraction*

**adores you**
Tags: angel, angel/lindsey, drabble, drabbles
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