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Icon Drabble #3

For menomegirl
300 words

Time grew meaningless as he turns the pages, as his eyes read the words. Purple ink, childish scrawl.

…I don’t know why Buffy acts like that around Angel … He is SO perfect. Tall, strong, handsome. He loves her so much and all she does is pretend with him. Like he doesn’t matter … I wish he looked at me that way …

Paper rustling.

… Riley is so nice. He took me out for ice cream today and let me have a triple! He didn’t even get mad when I couldn’t finish it. I wish that he was my brother … I wish that he was my boyfriend … I wish that he didn’t act like Buffy was better than him. She’s not!! … I wish he would tell me his secrets …

Ink dances in the dark, lit only by the flame of one candle.

… Spike hugged me tonight! I know he likes me … and I could feel him when he held me … I could feel his skin. It was so cold! And his !! was HARD!! … I wish he would kiss me like he does Buffy … I wouldn’t hurt him … I would kiss him ALL the time … I wish he could be my first …

A sound. Water heater, furnace. His eyes go back to the book.

… I don’t belong here. With them. With humans. I feel so old and so wrong. I know what I am. I know where I came from. I … don’t know what will happen when I die and it scares me … Will I go on? Become another? Now I am human. I am Dawn … but when I die … who will I be then? What will I become …

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