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End of BtVs 6

Okay. First off? If you haven't picked up on this yet, I did *not* enjoy this season. I didn't like the way Spike was treated. I didn't like the whiny, sad, angsty Buffy and Dawn. I didn't like Xander leaving Anya at the altar and I didn't like watching Willow and Tara first grope non~stop, then break up, although, having said that ... I think that the Willow/Tara relationship during this season was that ONLY watchable part of it. The most *real* part. The best written part.

And ... the end of this season has been the only season that has made me cry. Actual tears. I didn't cry when Angel was sent to hell. (prolly because I knew he was coming back and something like that? would only strengthen his character.) I didn't cry when Buffy sacrificed herself for the world and Dawn ... because hey, the world is still here and I'm not a big fan of Dawn.

But watching Xander stand between Willow and the temple she'd raised, watching him bare his soul to her. Remembering moments from their life, growing up together. Telling her that he loved her, again and again and again and *seeing* the pain in Willow, her loss of Tara, of love ... that? Made me cry. Made me feel. Sympathize. Who among us hasn't either lost or come very, very close to losing our love? Who among us hasn't wanted to lash out in anger and make everyone around us hurt, make everyone around us feel our pain? Who among us hasn't closed the bathroom door and curled up into a fetal position on the carpet and just ... wept and wept and wept?

Oh? Only me, then? Huh. Sorry. TMI.

The ending? I liked it. Better than the entire season. It made sense, compared to so much that didn't.

And Spike got his soul back? Well. You know that's just going to throw the entire world off it's axis, fuck up the universe or something. Oh. Wait. That doesn't happen until Ats5. Weird how that is postponed ... guess the PTB were too busy to notice.

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