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I'm so excited about the next couple of days, I think I've given myself a headache. I know I've given the people around me one. *pets everyone*

In keeping with my decision to post at least once a day through the month of August, I'm here. Posting. Content~wise? You might want to pass on by. My brain has left the building. I couldn't think of anything to say! So I thought ... I'll simply spam everyone with the beauty of a behr!smile.
behrsmile or perhaps a behr!back.
behrback"</lj-cut But then I didn't want anyone to think that I don't still lust after Christian Kane until I could cry from the sight of his arms alone ...
chrisbicep Oh yes. Chug that beer, Mr. Kane. Buy one for me too, please. And if I mentioned teh Behr and Kane ... I would have to say something about the man from my first online!fandom.
I'd like to sit on that lap, wouldn't you? And if I did all that, out of the sheer desire to post something today ... I would have to do this also ... don't those abs look amazingly familiar?
David I know. It's old, but I'll never get tired of him that picture. Never. Ever.
So ... since I don't really have anything of importance to say today, as if I ever do ...


Write me a drabble. First thing that comes to your mind. No word count. No rules.

And then I'll write one for You.

Sex me it up.

*kisses you*
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