Snow (sweptawaybayou) wrote,

In the middle of Tabula Rasa ...

and I just have one two things to say.

~ When did Spike get so tan?

~ How many times in one episode can Buffy straddle Spike?

This should be a drinking game. A shot of tequila for every straddle. A hit off a joint for every kiss. Two shots for every time someone insults Spike. Three, if they insult and then hit him. Four, if it's Buffy doing the insulting, hitting and THEN she both kisses and straddles him.

**passes out**

p.s. Do Willow and Tara EVER stop touching each other? I mean, I KNOW they are a couple! So are Anya and Xander, but do they grope each other in EVERYFUCKINGSCENE???? Lord have mercy. I love them all, but let's not go overboard. Please. It's like the writers/directors were trying to keep the *ohlookWillowandTaraarelovers* thing right up front all the time.

Dude. We know! It's good and cool and great, but nobody is that clingy all the time. Not after the first few ... weeks, at any rate. *sighs* I remember that first glow ... heat that burns and you just can't stop touching and ... oh, yeah.


**goes back to watching**

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