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Phobias, anyone?

The Ats/Rps Phobia!Ficathon Masterlist

(will be updated until the deadline of August 8th, 2005)

Nomatophobia by wisdomeagle Angel/Wesley

The Pond by moosesal cracktrailer!verse Jimmie/Vinnie

Let's Stay at Home and Watch the Discovery Channel Instead by viciouswishes Gunn/Wes

A Light in the Darkness by killerweasel Wes/Lindsey

More Than Passion by sweptawaybayou Angel/Lindsey

Shadows by gingerpig Steve Carlson/Christian Kane

On Endurance by winterlive James Marsters/Spike

Untitled by ely_jan David Boreanaz

A Tongue of Knowledge in the Feathered Night by ruric Angel/Lindsey

First Month Gift by myrlynd Lindsey/Christian Kane


Extended Deadline is August 8th! Don't be late!late! and Thank You for playing!

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