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Look! Look! at what Cat (pretties_4u) drew for me!! Go tell him just how incredibly talented and wonderful he is! Go! Run!


And one week from today, I will be going to meet Cat and Tabi and pick it up!


In other news ... due to unforeseen circumstances, i.e. work work work and being kidnapped by the BtVs DVD's that moosesal has loaned me, the Ats/Rps Phobia!ficathon deadline has been extended. Because yes, I refuse to be LATE for my own ficathon and Wheeeee! It IS my ficathon, so I can do that.

Stories are now due August 8th. No later! Or I will spank you and not in the good, fun way. Okay?

**licks you**

Mmmm ... salty!goodness!
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