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Oh! Oh!

I received a duck in the mail yesterday! A duck with chocolate and cookies! All the way from England!!

Thank you, lady_t_220!!!

*hugs duck*

**eats chocolate**

*kisses LT*

And! I did my usual Sunday afternoon scheduling thing ... I'm taking the 10th, 11th and 12th off. Thinking I might have to take a drive down into the wilds of Missouri and camp out on tabaqui and pretties_4u's doorstep couch for a night. And not just because I adore her endlessly and am willing to listen to the Spike/Xander side of things for hours on end ... well, yeah, because I adore her endlessly. Heh. Imagine that.

Might come home with something extra though, you never know. I've heard that there is someone down there that creates spectacular tattoos with extraordinary talent.

*whistles innocently*

*adjusts halo*

But mostly just to get the hell out of Leavenworth for a day or so and meet more fantabulous people!! People I already know ... I just haven't met. Yet.

*bounces happily*

Happy Sunday, everyone!

**licks you**
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