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So winterlive is PMS'ing and you know what? So am I.

Figured that we both needed a little A/L to make everything better.

“Did you think I wouldn’t find out?” Angel growled against Lindsey’s neck. Pushed him harder against the wall of the office, tightened his grip on Lindsey’s shoulder, on his wrists, until he could hear the uncontrolled moan that slipped from the lawyer’s mouth.

“Didn’t care.”

Fuck, smug bastard. But Angel could smell Lindsey’s body, the arousal tinged with fear. The lust, the want …

Angel’s hands moved, holding Lindsey in place with his shoulders, with his hips. He licked up the side of Lindsey’s neck, filling his mouth with the taste of Lindsey’s skin. Sharp, hot with salt and sweat and life and familiar, so fucking familiar.

“You’ve been spiking my blood, making me crazy.” Angel spoke quietly, struggling to stay human, to not let the demon out that raged inside of him. That demanded access to this moment.

“Didn’t have to make you crazy, Angel. You’ve always been there.”

Angel felt Lindsey’s barroom voice curl around his spine, harden his cock. Too many cigarettes, vodka and whiskey and brash, brass balls even when he was backed up against a wall by a two hundred year old vampire.

“What are you doing?” Lindsey asked and Angel smiled at finally hearing a twinge in that voice as he ripped Lindsey’s shirt. Fingers tearing through the material as if it was nothing, coming to rest at the top of Lindsey’s expensive suit pants.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” Angel pulled back enough to look into those blue eyes, letting the hunger build inside of him. His fingers drifted over the front of Lindsey’s pants, traced the outline of Lindsey’s hard cock through the silk and cotton.

“What? No … you asshole. Of course not.”

Angel laughed out loud at Lindsey’s sputter and denial.

“Bullshit.” He unbuckled Lindsey’s belt and slid it free of his pants. Angel turned Lindsey, binding his wrists with the leather, then slammed him back in place. Gratified at the small whoosh of breath that was forced out and he unbuttoned, unzipped, let expensive pants slide down. Wrapped his fingers around Lindsey’s cock and squeezed. Hard.

“You don’t put your blood in my food without wanting this ...” Angel whispered, his mouth back on Lindsey’s neck, his hand working up and down Lindsey’s shaft, long fingers reaching behind to gather up his balls, to crush them together in his grip.

“You don’t tease me with the taste of your body without wanting this …” Angel scraped his teeth over tender skin, felt the change come over him and this time he didn’t stop it. He couldn’t. Blood welled up and Angel lapped at it, his own cock hardening in response.

He could hear Lindsey’s moan, feel his hips snap forward and back with each jerk on his cock. Angel’s palm slipping now, slick with precome. Lindsey’s breath coming faster and Angel bit down into the bared, offered neck, sucked up the blood that poured into his mouth and Lindsey shook as he came in Angel’s hand.

“Oh, God … God …”

“Little late for that, Lindsey.” Angel licked his lips as he pulled away, gathering every drop and smiling. He lifted his arm and licked his palm and fingers clean, backing slowly away from Lindsey. Angel reached back and turned the doorknob, opening it. Kept his eyes on the young lawyer and smiled again.

“Next time I won’t stop. Just keep that in mind, boy.”

Ahhhh. Didn't make the cramps go away, but I feel better.

Tags: angel/lindsey, drabble, ficlets
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