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Updated 5 Things Meme.

menomegirl asked I'd like to know your five favorite lines from fanfics you've read, and your five favorite lines that you've written.

1 ~~ By the time I lather the soap in his hair, he is sobbing uncontrollably, and I say nothing, I do nothing, just keep washing him, just keep cleaning him, just keep...

wondering what could have happened to him in the past that was so unspeakable that it took gentleness to finally

Break him.

Komodo by kita0610 This was the first Ats slash story I ever read. And it will always be my favorite. Kita's words, her images, her story ... infuckingcredible. I can read it over and over and still find myself moved by it.

2 ~~ Angel's got his hand down his pants and his eyes are moving as fast as her hips are, faster than Oz's thrusts and scratches, and she stares at him, mouth open, performing. Dark eyes, contorting face, and she loves him more than she ever did. She's never seen him like this.
He's so beautiful like this.
Buffy reaches for Angel, just to touch, just to feel.

He slaps her hand away.

Small Illuminated Dying Things by glossing When Gloss wrote this, I discovered my Wolf!dick/Vamp!sex kink. Thanks, Gloss ... something I love that I wouldn't even attempt to write! But this sentence broke me. I know I shuddered, reading it. Absolutely fantastic.

3 ~~ Then he made the mistake of glancing at Chris. The southern gentleman was there, leaning back on the heels of his boots, thumbs latched in the waistband of his jeans, bemused. But his eyes showed that good ol' boy look of fat town sheriffs and Baptist politicians, schoolyard bullies plotting to take away the dweeb's candy.

To Covet by petal_n_thorn Abbie's Sugar!verse Chris is sex. Walking, talking lust and mean to the bone. She can make me shiver and weep with her words, with her mind. And I love her for it.

4 ~~ "Does it matter?" Angel asked. He shuddered against Xander, dipping his head to run blunt teeth along his collarbone.

"I don't know," Xander answered desperately. "Yes. Maybe. Just...keep going."

"You trust me either way?"

"Does that matter?"

"It matters."

"Then I do," Xander said, his voice low and soft.

"Then we keep going," Angel answered.

As For Forgiveness by entrenous88 Jess writes the BEST sex!talk of anyone I know. The conversations alone that she writes can make me sweat, to say nothing of the actual sex! Her writing is funny and loving and I adore both it and her. Endlessly.

5 ~~ But as Angel lifts Lindsey's right hand to his lips -- as he kisses the faint white line where the new hand was attached, where the old one was severed, the only apology he's ever gonna get -- Lindsey thinks that he might not have everything he wants, but what he has is still pretty damn good.

Sea Change by Yahtzee I discovered Yahtzee through links on Kita's Slashing the Angel website and have spent MANY an hour there, reading her fanfic. Stories that I feel guilty reading for free, they are THAT good.

Mine ~

1 ~~ Spike dug his heels into the mattress, arched his back off the bed as he came. His hands full of Angelus’ hair, biting through his own lip, his mouth moving soundlessly. There had been nothing like this for him, ever. And it just went on and on, washing through him and pouring from him and it was a very good thing that he was already dead and didn’t need to breathe. Because Spike’s only coherent thought was that he couldn’t, even if he’d wanted. He was defenseless in this passion.


2 ~~ Moving down, hard cocks and tightened balls, swollen clitoris and wet vagina, the aroma of musk, the salty taste, and the burning heat of desire. Sometimes letting hands guide him, sometimes holding wrists down. He sucked and tongued and teased. Scraped his teeth on sensitive skin, buried his face in the warmth. Listened as they cried his name, thrashed above him, incoherent words, blasphemous curses, tears, and he just kept going. He took them beyond where they’d ever been before, made the passion rise again and again.

Occasionally he played. Tied arms and legs with silken scarves to iron bedposts. Using tools developed in darker times by humans proclaiming religious superiority over each other and were now toys designed to bring the sharp clarity of pain to the chaos of pleasure.

Angel ~ The Art of Passion

3 ~~ His face looms over me, his expression unreadable, he keeps his hands on my shoulders. I lift my head, try to kiss him, but he pulls back, denying me. He just stares into my eyes. I wonder what he is looking for. I can feel his still hard cock against my leg. I reach up to his shoulders, trying to pull him to me, but he is unmovable. Then his lips turn in that slow smile that I can have entire dreams about and he leans down, kisses me, catches my lips in his teeth, fills my mouth with his tongue.

Night and Day

4 ~~ His knees still shook and he wondered where they went wrong, what they had lost.

Harder to Breathe

5 ~~ “Gonna fuck you tonight, Cowboy. I’m gonna make you come until you can’t. Until you’re singing.”

Then David would lean back and laugh, slap Chris on his shoulder. Order more beer for them both and light another cigarette. Start talking about some golf course he’d played in New York State. And how the greens were smooth as glass and he’d almost had a hole in one and the waitress in the clubhouse had blown him right the fuck under the table while he’d eaten his steak and traded stories with the pro.

Odds Are …

Of course, my all time absolute favorite line EVER has to be ...from chapter 26 of Days of Our Unlives O Christmas Tree by Kita and Jess.

Cordelia is about to cause a scene here in the nursery over that damn tree covered in pink plastic snow, Wesley looks like he might burst into tears at a cross word, and Gunn's looking for a place to hide. I don't want to hear what my insolent, insufferable, overly opinionated Childe, whose incendiary antics necessitated the purchase of a new tree in the first place, has to say about it. I close my eyes and heave a deep sigh. "Spike," I say darkly, "don't. even. start."

He looks slightly taken aback and I immediately want to kick myself. "Whatever," he says with an abrupt shrug. "I'll be in the car."

When he is out of sight, Cordelia smacks me on the arm. "Good going, Angel," she snaps. "You hurt his feelings."

I bite down on my lip, very, very hard, and ignore her. I turn to my newest employee, who is standing about ten feet off and pretending that he doesn't know up. "Gunn," I say in what I hope is a calm voice, "why don't you pick our Christmas tree?"

Gunn shakes his head wildly and backs up a few paces. The Fearless Charles Gunn obviously doesn't want to get involved in this argument. "Whoa, Angel, hold up. I don't want anything to do with-"

I gameface. I can't help it. I really can't. "Gunn," I snarl, "pick a fucking tree."

He looks around quickly and selects a tree at random. It's ugly. It an ugly tree. And I don't even care.

The first time I read that, I think I screamed. I know I laughed until I cried. <3's that story. Forever.

Thank you for playing!!!

**kisses and hugs**
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