November 30th, 2014

Christian ~ Snow

Fic - Covered in Broken Glass

A long time ago tabaqui wrote a Cracktrailer Fic based off of a song that I love (it's actually still my ringtone, heh) Crash by Cavo.

So began Crash 'verse.

Part 1 - Your Breath in My Hands by tabaqui Jason Behr/David Boreanaz, Christian Kane

Part 2 - Beautiful Wreck by tabaqui Jason Behr/David Boreanaz, Christian Kane

In between, she asked me to write Christian's POV and I tried. For four long years, I tried. I just could not find his voice. Until I went back and reread both fics again. Closely. Paying attention to each line - to the subtext (thank you, Supernatural). Then last week, that country boy started talking in my head and would.not.shut.up.

I would suggest reading those two first. Again, if you haven't already.

And here we go ~ after way too long ...

Covered in Broken Glass
by Snow
Part 3
Christian Kane/Jason Behr
Christian Kane/Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles
Christian Kane/David Boreanaz
yes, the boy does get around

Cracktrailer/Crash 'verse
mentions of past child abuse - nothing explicit
Beta'd by darkhavens, checked over by hurry_sundown and trishabooms - Thank you!!

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I need more Christian Kane icons. :)