November 13th, 2014

Wolverine ~ Brood

yeah, so ...

5 days since my last cigarette.

i'm not hitting my next (milestone) fucking birthday in January and still being chained to tobacco. So i might be a little bit pissy and little bit touchy and i might need to keep reminding myself that a lot of people i admire more than anything have also quit.

i keep reminding myself that i quit for seven years way back in the day when i was having babies and i don't see any divorces coming up in my near future so i'm thinking that i'm gonna be okay.

Doesn't make it any easier, but i am exercising a *LOT*. Yes. Walking. My new anti smoking drug. I walk my dogs in the morning. I walk on the treadmill in my garage in the afternoon/evening.

i quit my job at Caribou. it was either that or get fired. i hated it SO FUCKING MUCH. i have NEVER hated a job as much as that. it was a fucking relief to give my keys back and man, i didn't even cry one tear. of course, now i'm like *super* poor. but i'll find something else. and it won't be in retail. seriously. i am so fucking done with that.

i have loved every FUCKING Supernatural episode this season and i will not listen to any criticism. Sorry. i just will not. i adore Jared and Jensen. period. i fucking love the show. you wanna squee with me? please do. if you want to complain - go someplace else.

my tumblr - - mostly SPN and PORN. All pretty boys. All the fucking time. and i totally suck at tags. just fyi.


so ... how are you doing? I MISS LJ. I MISS YOU!!!!!! I miss this ... so fucking much. Talk to me, bb. taaaaaaaaaaaaaalk to me.