January 7th, 2014

Jason ~ Varek/Steady to Hell

I don't even have an icon for how fucking mad I was


I keep thinking about how much I need to quit smoking, right? Then I have a day like today, with customer(s) like I had today.

Caribou started a new loyalty program called Caribou Perks. You get a card that we scan, then you register it online. You don't have to even keep the card, you can check in for your *perks* with just your phone #. All good right? Especially since they ran a pilot program in select markets to work out all the bugs.


Well, it launched on the 2nd of January and we're signing people up left and right. Working hard to get everyone on the program, although *all* we can do is give them a gift card that has been activated and *they* have to actually go to the website or call the 1-888 number and finish the process. We can't do that for them. WE DON'T WANT TO DO THAT FOR THEM.


So today, we get a butt~load of customers that have their cards and signed up and are getting emails/texts that they have a free medium drink or a free size upgrade and oh, about 50% of the customers that come in ... the perk doesn't work.

I'm calling the IT department and comping drinks left and right and sometimes just saying "Sorry, the system seems to be having issues, your drink will be $5.00."

Life sucks, but we *are* talking about a fucking Mocha or a Latte. Not life ending cancer or losing a child or a parent or an arm or a leg. Buying a drink like this is a goddamn privilege that most people can't afford.

And then Collapse )

Debbie? IS. A. CUNT.

In much better news,

I'm on my first all week vacation starting the 12th.

I'm headed to tabaqui's house on the 13th.

We'll be watching Show together for the first time on the 14th.

I will be getting a new tattoo from Cat.

I won't be back to work until the 19th.

I applied for a year round job at Yellowstone Nat'l Park back in November and they have not only emailed me twice, they called me yesterday and want to talk to me.


I'm totally gonna quit smoking this year. I really am. Especially if I'm going to live up in Montana.

in a camper.

For a year EVER.