March 30th, 2011

Jason ~ Snow Tattoo


omg!LJ!!!don't leave me!!!

*has issues*

Sariel is just another example of why I love love love adopting dogs from shelters. You never really know what you're getting. It's like buying a grab!bag in animal form.

Just as Gabriel was *supposed* to be a Doberman and is so very NOT ~ he's a Rottweiler/Lab/?? mix ...

one of my 15 week old, 100% black Labrador's ears is starting to try to stand UP.

*rolls eyes*

Now, I don't know about you, but I've never seen a Lab's ears standing up like, say, a German Shepard or a Husky.


I'm taking a couple days off to do some yard work this week. (of course all I've accomplished today has been doing the dishes, sitting on my ass and chatting with tabaqui.) But! There will be pond cleaning and puppy pictures to come!

*twirls you*
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