March 22nd, 2011

David ~ Tie me up

Very interesting day at work ...


I've been doing PA's (hee! Yes. I think that too, every time. I am forever 12.) at work for my department and for others.

And in the Department Head meeting today I was told that I have 'the most sex!pot voice EVER' by three other department heads.


been a long ass time since I blushed quite that red.

Also I was called 'over achiever' not once, not twice, but multiple times by the store manager. In the meeting. In front of everyone. *la la*


So yeah, it wasn't a bad day. Not at all.

Also the weather lately? TOTALLY KICK ASS. Windows open! Heat OFF! I love it! Except that now it's time to vacuum out the pond and clean out all the winter sludge and guck and ... *shudders* ... anyone want to come over and help? I need to get those damn goldfish out of my basement and back into their pond!

*dances you*
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