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12 December 2008 @ 01:07 am
what the hell am i doing up and awake at 1 am?



that's right.

I DON'T HAVE TO WORK TOMORROW. or the next day. or the NEXT.


I should really stay up an hour or so more and call the bakery. and say good morning!


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12 December 2008 @ 06:12 pm
I just got back from having dinner at my oldest's apartment in south kansas city. She made pork chops, mashed taters, heated up some of the cardiac!arrest garlic finger bread that I bake at work and and and my personal favorite ~ her super!special green bean casserole. with extra cheese.


I hadn't been to her new place since we helped her and her bf move back at the end of Sept. So it was nice to see how the place looked with furniture arranged and not boxes stacked everywhere. And we got to see her kitten, Lola. The siamese. Sheesh! That kitten even feels expensive when you pet her. And she's SO CUTE, of course. Such a lover.

We watched Step~Brothers on dvd while waiting for the food to cook and talking. I found one of my old recipe collections that Lori had scavenged when I moved from my house to my duplex and started going through the cards. Such memories. I used to really love to cook. Try new things. Experiment and improvise and I ended up bringing it back home. For a while. I'd like to rediscover that lost passion once again.

It was a lovely, fun afternoon. Spending time alone with *all* of my kids. Nothing better in the world. We ended the afternoon by deciding to draw names for Christmas gifts so that we all didn't bankrupt ourselves buying for *everyone* and after three draws and every time someone was unhappy, not with *who* they got, but just *something* ... we decided that we would each buy for the person to our left. Just the way we were standing. And that worked out perfectly.

*rolls eyes*

Although, of course, everyone will prolly end up buying a little something for everyone else. And we'll all end up spending too much money. But you can't say we're not trying.


So for Day 4 ~ Green bean casserole. Pretty kittens. and family time.


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