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*points up*

This is what happens when I don't post for a while. Multi~subject Jumble For You.

So that meeting last Thursday. SO. BORING. Soooooooooo boring, in fact, that our Bakery/Deli Specialist (the one that i haaaate) fell ASLEEP during the District Mgr's power point presentation. Which alone took TWO hours.

I'm having fun sharing that with EVERYONE. Can you tell?

So the upshot of the first part of the meeting was ... 'we have to change the way we talk to the next generation'.Collapse ) And since I know that many of my flist fall into this *generation*, tell me ... do you want your bosses/managers to treat you differently/talk to you differently than they do people in their own generation? And why would you?

I'm not much of a baseball fan, I love to watch it live. Heck, I love to watch any sport live ... hockey is about the only one I'll watch on tv, but our minor league baseball team is starting up their season and they're having a 'Welcome to the Neighborhood, Michael Vick!' night and I am so tempted to go, just to support the whole idea, if not for the baseball. Hee! Themed jerseys! Dog adoptions! Yay! T~Bones! I wonder just *how* many guards have told Mr. Vick about it ... daily.

And yes, it's that time of year again, folks.

Saturday I've got a cake order for our favorite Surprise!Birthday Or is that Surprise!Deathday?

This year they've ordered a full sheet cake. The party must be getting bigger.


and how're you doing?

*twirls you*
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