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14 April 2008 @ 09:04 pm
Oh, Dave. What I pay for my obsession with you ...

I'd watch you paint a fence. I'd listen to you read the phone book for hours on end. I would stalk you in real time had I the money ... and I'm glad that Bones is back. Glad, I tell you. Even as it brings back with full force how much I love to hate this show.

Consistency, anyone?


Did anyone ever say that they'd been jossed? Riiiiiiiight. Just watch a couple seasons of this show and you'll be kissing Whedon's feet. Canon? I don't think the writers of Bones have a freakin' clue that it even exists.

Good damn thing DB is so fucking gorgeous and has shoulders a mile wide. And long, pretty hands. And dark brown eyes. And lips that need to be kissed. And big, muscular thighs. And a nice, round, tight ass. And a smile that ... well. *ahem* yeah.


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Current Music: Hallelujah ~ kd lang