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06 February 2007 @ 05:36 pm
A good friend of mine, one of my employees at the bakery and someone that followed me from the gas station to the grocery store ... her grandmother died last night.

Now, for as long as I've know this woman, her grandma has been hovering on the edge of death. She's been in hospice and hospital, nursing home and relative's homes. Shipped and moved and cared for. Good and bad. And she's finally passed over.

I tried counting tonight. Thinking of how long it's been ... eight years? More?

I'm grateful and sad and humbled. My friend has been in pain over this for too long and her grandmother has suffered for too long.

Quality of life, you know? Sometimes when you think of the advances the medical profession has made in extending our lives is ... kinda scary.

And today, Mike brought me a script from a play that we'd seen together a few years ago. He remembered how the opening monologue had moved me that night.

So he found someone that had been in the play and asked for their script.

And then he gave it to me.

The Good Doctor
by Neil Simon

Act One

Scene 1

The WriterCollapse )

And we remember what is important. And what is real. And what we are meant to do, who we are meant to be, and how we are meant to live.

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