December 29th, 2006


2006 Fic Round~Up


I've never done one of these before. Thought it might be kind of interesting to see if I could 1)find everything I've written in 2006 and 2)stay focused long enough to post it.


*is easily distracted by shiny!boys*

Ats Fic
x.Tears Angel
x.Periplaneta Americana Angel/Lindsey
x.Redeeming Spiritual Qualities Angel/Spike
x.How To Bring A Slayer Down Angelus/Xander
x.Can't Always Be Heroes Angel/Lindsey/Spike
x.Companionless Angel/Lindsey
x.I Bind Unto Myself Today Angel/Spike
x.Aestus Buffy/Angel
x.Time Laced with Pain Angel/Xander/Spike
x.The Sound That Haunts You Lindsey/Angel
x.Comfort and Hunger Spike/Xander
x.Heaven Buffy/Angel
x.Without Sound Spike/Angel/Lindsey
x.Faithful Reflection Angel/Lindsey
x.From The Beginning, Again Spike/Angel (Into_trouble boy!band slash)

Bones Fic
x.Now That We're Here Booth/Hodgins
x.Night Off Booth/Hodgins
x.Time Booth/Hodgins
x.On the Edge and Falling Off Booth/Hodgins
x.Candle Wax Booth/Hodgins

x.I Fall to Pieces David/Christian
x.Too Old for This Shit David/James
x.Find Your Faith David/James/Jason/Vincent
x.Three Trees David/Chris (cracktrailer RPS)
x.Fifteen Seconds David/Christian
x.Lie To Me David/Jason
x.Just the Sound of His Voice David/chrisleeoctaves
x.Excessive Heat Warning Dave/Chris/Jensen (cracktrailer RPS)
x.Desire David/Multiple Partners :)

Supernatural Fic
x.I left my head around your heart Sam/Dean

x.Prayer of St. Francis Angel/Max (Ats/Roswell)
x.Magic Angel/Spike, Dean/Sam (Ats/Supernatural)
x.The Prom Angel, Brian (Ats/QaF)
x.Heaven Angelus/Brian (Ats/QaF)
x.Grief Angel/Scott (Ats/X-Men)
x.Anonymous Sex Brian/Angel (Ats/QaF)


Now I know why I've never done that before.

The only thing I can say, besides OMGWTFBBQ!!!! why can't i make money doing this?!??? is

THANK YOU to everyone that beta read for me over this past year.
and anyone else that I have unforgivably not mentioned.

I've learned from every time I've had a fic read and sent back. From the first one Chrislee looked at, to viciouswishes kind and stern words to tabaqui telling me that she isn't a beta but ...


What a wonderful year.

**dances with you**
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