December 3rd, 2006


Time Laced with Pain ~ Angel/Xander/Spike

Meep! I totally suck! I've missed knotted_rose's birthday! *facepalm* I hope that you had a wonderful time, babe. And that all your wishes came true. Have a spectacular year to come!!


Time Laced with Pain

By Snow

Not mine. Never will be.
Post NFA.
Beta’d by tabaqui.

For lostakasha and

Male character they want paired with Angel: Xander
Things they want in the fic: breathlessness, laughter
Things they *don't* want in the fic: character bashing, non-con
Preferred maximum rating: NC-17

You’re made of my rib
or baby …
You’re made of my sin
And I can’t tell where your lust ends
And where your love begins.

Collapse )

Hope that works for you, Annie.


And for ... *cough* ... anyone else that happens by to read.