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I don't have a problem with permission slips. Really. Think of how many things you have to sign for your kids in school; field trips, movies, etc. But what I do have a problem with? Is someone else deciding to force thier religious views on my children, or on yours.

Under the bill, sex-education courses would have to promote “lifelong monogamous marriage between a man and a woman” and declare that “at conception an unborn child’s life begins.”

The bill also contains language aimed at barring Planned Parenthood, or other abortion providers, from offering sex-education courses in public schools.

And if my son came home from school and told me that in sex-ed he learned how to put on a condom? I would be happy. Because, yeah, I have a feeling that is something he's going to have to need to know how to do at least (crosses fingers and toes) a few times in his life.

Just do what my taxes are paying you for. Educate them.Collapse )


Good Morning!!

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