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While I was waiting out the tornado warnings yesterday at work, I found this article in the news.

Be sure to notice just how many of these bills have already been passed.

A year after Republicans took control of state government, conservative lawmakers are promoting a wide range of social legislation designed to rein in sex and unshackle the Bible.Collapse )

Why are parts of my country so committed to moving backwards in time, when the rest of the world is reaching forward?


**clings to you**
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13 March 2006 @ 10:03 am
My spring_spangel date is coming up and I want to write Angel/Spike sooooo bad.

Yet I have no idea what about!

So ... May I ply you with some word!candy?

May I run naked through your mind?

A/S drabble prompts?

Angel/Spike only.

*la la*

**holds out cookies**

ETA ~~ or, you know ... Angelus/? ... Angel/Logan ... Max ... Lindsey ... Brian? RPS?

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