July 30th, 2005

Jason ~ Smokin

So many other things I should be doing ...

But I get all this from answering questions about animals?


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That's actually ... pretty accurate. Bizarre.

How is your Saturday going?


ETA ~~ Who wouldn't be forced to break up with someone that was ruthless, cold~blooded and sarcastic? I mean ... really! Not exactly qualities I look for in a lover, you know? Duh!
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So how come Buffy was all accepting of Riley being super!normal and not of Angel when he was human in *I will remember you*?

Was it because Angel had been a vampire? Was it because Angel couldn't accept it himself? And yet, she was so supportive of Riley ... telling him that it didn't matter, that he was everything to her. That she loved him no matter what ...


Why couldn't she have fought with Angel like that? I mean, if Angel was meant to be human, which he was not, but still ...

I feel cheated. And hurt.

And sleeping with Spike instead of killing him? WTF? Where the hell did that come from?

I am SO confused!

*clings to you*
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