June 28th, 2005

Jason ~ Snow Tattoo

Things to remember ...

Okay, so I happened to mention the USP here in Leavenworth and the fact that it was Christian Kane's Birthday and RPS ... all in the same post yesterday.

And before midnight?

I had two!!@!!@ CK/DB/Jail/Birthday stories to read!

*dances wildly and possibly without clothing*

felisblanco wrote Jailbirds. A wonderful PWP of Chris and David meeting in a jail cell after breaking the law. And teh sex! *melts*


killerweasel wrote the first part of Birthday Treat. Where Chris and Dave get thrown in jail together ... for a brawling in a bar on Chris's birthday. Can't wait to see where this one takes us.

Hmmmm ... I wonder what I can mention in a post today that might inspire such riches as yesterday?

Behr/Crowe? Boreanaz/Kartheiser? Jackman/Kane? although we've already paired Kane with Crowe, if we put him with Hugh, it'll seem like he has a fetish for Australians ... So, how about Jackman/Kartheiser, Kane/Behr and Crowe/Boreanaz ... *dies*

I should go write my own. Really. I should.

**loves my flist long and hard**
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Jason ~ Smokin

I'm so NOT excited ...

So, yeah. The Fourth of July weekend is almost upon us. I have 8 days of work to look forward to, to cover for all my employees that want either the days before, the day of, or the days after off.

And I'm the scary one, remember?


dinner_date is back in business!! Whoot! How much have I missed Angel and Xander? More than words can say. If you're not following the story? Dude. You need to catch up. If you are? Then Yay! We're getting down to the wire on the spell, the demons and of course, more unbelievably hot sex between Xander and the Vampire that loves him.

**smooches everyone with icing and sprinkles**
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