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21 April 2005 @ 10:14 am
Oh my. Look at what a slacker I am!!! How many parts I haven't added to my memories or shared! *smacks self*

Can I help it if everytime I say *Bakery!* Tesla writes another chapter of my psuedo~life?!!!

Not that I'm complaining ... not even a little bit. *loves her*

So if you're not caught up, Enjoy!

And thanks for all the drabble requests yesterday! That was a blast and I'm very proud of myself for actually following the rules and limiting them all to 100 words. Fuck, that was hard. But such fun! I hope that everyone reading them got as much enjoyment out of them as I did writing them. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

*big wet kisses*

If anyone wants more? Just go back to this post and ask! I loved doing it so very much.

Part 37Collapse )
Part 38Collapse )
Part 39Collapse )
Part 40Collapse )
Part 41Collapse )
Part 42Collapse )
Part 43Collapse )
Part 44Collapse )
Part 45Collapse )

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