August 24th, 2004

Jason ~ Snow Tattoo

What? Justice? Where?

Convicted Child Molester Gets Probation

Kansas City, MO-- A jury convicted William M. Donnelly of Oak Grove of sexually assaulting his three and a half year old step daughter in July. It's a crime that carries a range of punishment of 10 years to life in prison. But on Monday, Jackson County Senior Judge, John Moran suspended the sentence and placed Donnelly on five years probation. The victim's mother is outraged saying it sends the wrong message. She calls the probation an injustice to her child and every child who's ever suffered abuse. William Donnelly's attorney, Steven Willibey says in a statement, "I can say that Judge Moran has been a respected judge for more than 15 years and does not have a reputation as a lenient sentencing judge. I can assure you that he made this decision only after considering all the evidence in the case." Fox 4 could not reach Judge Moran for comment.

Kim Byrnes, Fox 4 News

I'm watching the news this morning. Trying to keep up with the storm.

Just fucking incredible.

The mother caught him. He was convicted by a jury of his peers for repeatedly sodomizing his step daughter. His three year old step daughter.

And he's not going to serve any jail time.

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