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20 August 2004 @ 11:30 am
I think we're winding up to a cliff~hanger here . . .

Start Here

Part 18Collapse )
This is *so* not supposed to be a biography.


Went out last night! Sushi!! *does the happy dance of SUSHI!!*

Lori came home from school yesterday wearing two leis around her neck. She said that her entire lunch, plus the school principle had sung her Happy Birthday. Okay. It is a very small school.

I turned to Lisa and said "Look. Lori got laid twice at school today."

Lisa laughed. She has my sense of humor.
*loves Lisa*

Almost done with part 2 of Best Laid Plans. Lord. Those boys are fun and hurty and so very, very sexah.

Happy Friday to everyone!!
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20 August 2004 @ 02:32 pm
Best Laid Plans

Part 1

Another Not for Profit Venture by Snow
David Boreanaz/Christian Kane
Not Real People.
This Never Happened.
Except in my brain.
Written for ckanerock
*loves her fiercely*
And Thank You to stir_of_echoes for the quick read~through.
*adores Jules without reservation*

Part 2Collapse )


I know that this cannot even come close to making up for missing a Kane concert. Damn, I've never even seen him live and would *die* for the chance. But it's all that I've got to offer.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Thanks Jules!!

*kisses and hugs*
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