August 18th, 2004

Jason ~ Snow Tattoo

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debvel has made my day.

*loves her*

Just look at those boys.

Now . . . Deb. What would you like in return?

Something angsty? Schmoopy? PWP?

Name it, baby.

It's yours.
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Jason ~ Snow Tattoo

Bakery Slash by tesla321

For the, um perhaps 10 of you that don't know . . . . Start Here

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omfg. Did you know that this was going to happen?

I'm just totally confused.

What is the company picnic going to be like?

Fist fights? Kissing booths? Betting tables?

Damn. This just gets weirder and weirder.

::smooches everyone and hands you cupcakes as you go::

And I'm not wondering at all where the Angelus/Oz goodness is or at what point it is at or what that nasty, mean, sexy Angelus might be doing with Oz. Not at all . . . glossing
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