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Just home for lunch and I've had something on my mind all morning ...

How do you react when someone doesn't like you for no good reason, or at least for no reason that you know of, that you've been told, that you can understand?

I'm not talking about omgwemustbebestfriendsiloveyouforeverandever!!!111!!!BBF!11!!eleven! I'm just talking about ... "Hey, I don't even know you. You don't know me and yet you've got an attitude the size of fucking Mt Rushmore whenever I have to deal with you or anyone around you."... kind of thing.

And you KNOW it's not because of what fandom you're in, because they are in it also. You know it's not because you write slash, because they seem to like and/or tolerate it and perhaps they have written some also. Lord knows, people that are close to them write it.



This person doesn't even know me. My journal is LOCKED for God's sake. I never post anything *like this* and leave it unlocked, so if they were to peruse my journal all they'd see is my fic. How can you make a snap judgement about someone just by what they write? How can you make a judgement at ALL about someone unless you actually spend some time getting to know them? Even online, you know? What did I EVERDOTOTHEM???!!!!??


I have such issues!

If I pissed them off deliberately? Hell, I can see why they'd not like me. But I haven't! I haven't done ANYTHING.


Sorry for the rant. I'll go back to work now.



ETA ~~ I'm going to unlock this. I'm going to make all non~friends comments screened, so that only I will see them.

And I'm hoping that this person will at least have the balls to leave a comment and tell me what I've done. What they think I've done ... and perhaps give me a chance to have some dialogue with them. Conversation, you know? And everyone knows just how fucking good I am with that particular skill.


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